Rotterdam’s Markthal: Superdutch goes supersized in psychedelic marketplace – The Guardian

6 October 2014

Rotterdam’s new €175m market hall comes complete with apartments looping over it – some peeping out of giant avocado stones. It’s proudly pop, but is it just the Comic Sans of architecture?

A four-storey high raspberry tumbles past a tree-sized floret of broccoli, while gigantic prawns plummet towards a pile of mega-mange tout. In Rotterdam’s new market hall, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d slipped down a rabbit hole into Wonderland, where a panorama of supersized fruit and veg rains down across the ceiling. It’s a Sistine chapel of fresh produce.

As if this wasn’t trippy enough, you then notice bedroom windows peeping out from a lemon, and someone doing the washing up inside the stone of an avocado. It turns out the majestic vaulted ceiling of this new temple to food is also inhabited – it’s an apartment block of 230 flats, bent double over the food hall in hallucinogenic wonder.

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